English Learning Journey

At Corngreaves, our aim is to enable our children to become confident and able writers, who make conscious links to reading.

We aim for our children to write as a readers and read as writers.

We follow a simple, yet effective, approach to the teaching of writing which encompasses SOLO Taxonomy through the system of collect, connect and create.

Collect Stage of Learning: Reading, Vocabulary & Drama

The purpose of this stage of learning is to explore and learn the skills of writing through reading as a writer; deepening understanding and promote spoken language and Standard English. It is during this stage where children:

  • Are exposed to a high quality WAGOLL to show them the expectation of the end of unit writing outcome which includes the key features of the genre and the purpose as to why they have been used;
  • Begin to collect and generate vocabulary as they ‘magpie’ writers’ expert words and phrases;
  • Are given opportunities to learn a range of drama techniques which will allow them to explore character, setting and themes;
  • Research and share ideas for their written outcome;
  • Begin the planning stage of their writing journey using planning skeletons;
  • Orally rehearse composition.

Connect Stage of Learning: Planning and Developing Ideas

The purpose of this stage of learning is to support the structure and composition of the children’s writing and organise and develop ideas. It is here where children:

  • Look at sentence structures and the manipulation of clauses, a range of punctuation, and discuss how vocabulary and language features hook and engage the reader;
  • Use and apply sensational sentences and GPS skills to cohesively construct sentences;
  • Are exposed to shared, supported, guided and collaborative writing to develop in detail individual sections of the text.

Create Stage of Learning: Drafting and Editing

The purpose of this stage of learning is to write a first draft and improve using outcomes specific to the task. It is during this stage that children:

  • Write as readers where they are constantly reminded of their purpose and audience for their writing;
  • Have an opportunity to make improvements to their writing using the skills of proof-reading and editing;
  • Use feedback and feedforward comments to correct GPS and make improvements to their written outcomes. 

To complete the journey, children at Corngreaves are then given the opportunity to publish their work as authors.


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