Information for Parents

All about the School

The Parents are a child’s first teacher and we take their role very seriously here at Corngreaves Primary.

"Parents speak very highly of the school. As one parent reported, ‘The school is helping my son realise that education is fun and rewarding. He always has so many positive things to say about his day; he is more organised, happy and eager to go to school."
- Ofsted 
  • We welcome visits into school and parents are invited into school frequently to watch children learning and to consider ways of supporting them at home.
  • We encourage adult education and run Parent Support classes. 
  • We support parents who wish to undertake NVQ work here at school and it is not unusual for us to employ parents following training.
  • Regular newsletters are sent out to keep our parents informed of child activities. Copies of these Newsletters, this years School Prospectus and Parent Handbook can be found in our downloadables page, which is updated regularly. 
  • We also have parent noticeboards around the school.

Child Admissions Policy

If you would like a place either at the school or the Pre-School please contact Baljit Gill (01384) 569333.

Please be advised:

  • Sandwell deal with all admissions to our school - 
  • We follow the Sandwell LA Admission policy and admit pupils into our School from the age of 4. 
  • We can admit up to 30 pupils in any one year group. 
  • We also run a Pre-School and for this, we have our own policy to admit pupils which is based on age.