Assessment at Corngreaves

Our Assessment Framework

Set out in the National Curriculum is each year group Programme of Study for each subject. This is the subject content (matter, skills and processes) that children must know, apply and understand by the end of each year group.

We have pulled out the ‘Big Ideas’ from each Programme of Study and developed an assessment framework that assesses the depth of understanding and ensures progression year on year.  We have called these big ideas ‘Key Performance Indicators or KPIs’. Each year group has a set of KPIs for each subject which must be achieved by the end of year, in order to make sure that each child is ‘next year ready’ and then ‘secondary ready’ by the end of their time at Corngreaves.

How is this reported to parents?

Each Programme of Study has been divided into learning steps based on the amount of KPIs that a child achieves. There are 3 learning steps for each year, these are: Emerging, Developing and Secure.





All previous year groups KPIs and a few of current year group achieved.

Around half of the year group KPIs achieved.

All current year groups KPIs achieved.


It is typically expected that most children will move from emerging, to developing and finally to secure by the end of the Summer term.  Yearly progress is measured from the judgement awarded in the previous Summer term. Therefore, expected progress for any pupil graded as secure is three steps.

Any pupil graded as “developing” will be targeted to make accelerated progress  (4 steps) in order to complete the following year as secure.

Term on term achievement is reported using a number and a letter. The number indicates which year group programme of study the child is working on and the letter refers to the amount of KIPs the child has achieved relating to the Programme of Study. For example a child recorded as a 3D for writing, is working on Year 3 Programme of Study and has achieved half of the Year 3 KPIs for writing.

Each term every child is given a learning step for: Reading, Wring, Maths and GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) based on the amount of KPIs achieved.  Each child has a pupil tracker, where they record their achievement of each KPI. This is then shared with parents during consultation evenings.

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