Corngreaves' Wonderful Staff

General Information

We have a wonderful team of staff here who are committed to the vision, success and progress of Corngreaves Primary.

Both the Teachers and the Support staff, are vital to the successful running of the school from day-to-day.

“The teachers provide relevant experiences which not only capture the children’s imagination but also clearly motivate them to strive harder for success.”

“Teachers have a clear understanding and high expectations of the standards that children should reach.”

“Teaching is good overall with some elements which areoutstanding.”

“Care, guidance and support for pupils are consistently good.”
- Ofsted 

Teaching staff are given time out of class regularly to plan, mark and assess their pupils work and progress. Time is also made available to further their professional development and work on school improvement issues.

We also have specialist staff who work across the school and are responsible for specific areas.


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