Our Vision and Aims for the Future

Our Vision for the Children

  • Successful learners.
  • Confident individuals.
  • Responsible citizens.

Our Values are

 Relationships = Learning = Success

Our Mission is

 "Together we learn to succeed"

Our Aims for the Children

  • To have enquiring minds and to think better for themselves.
  • To be creative, resourceful and be able to solve problems.
  • To understand and learn better how they learn from their mistakes.
  • To develop a sense of self worth and build belief in themselves.
  • To become increasingly independent, take initiative and organise themselves well.
  • To work co-operatively with others and in teams.
  • To respect others and act with integrity.
  • To feel they can change things for the better.
  • To provide all pupils with the opporutnties to learn and acheive.
  • To prepare all our pupils for the opportuntities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

Please read our Academy Plans for more information.

These can be found by selecting 'Parents' at the top of the screen and then 'Policies' from the drop down menu.