Our Curriculum

A Brief Overview

The curriculum is all the subjects we teach our children.

Our working day is broken into 4 one hour blocks and a half an hour slot. We tend to teach English and Maths in the morning and all the other subjects in the afternoon. 

Our Curriculum aims to help our learners:

  • To learn and achieve their potential in Literacy and Numeracy and to achieve excellent SAT results.
  • To have a broad range of curriculum skills which they use to help them gain a wider understanding of the world.
  • To be inspired, challenged and prepared for the future.
  • To realize with hard work they can achieve anything they want.
  • To have enquiring minds and think better for themselves.
  • To be creative, resourceful and able to solve problems.
  • To understand better how they learn and to learn from their mistakes.
  • Develop a sense of self worth and belief in themselves.
  • Become increasingly independent, take initiative and organize themselves well.
  • Work co-operatively with others and in teams.
  • Respect others and act with integrity.
  • Feel they can change things for the better.

Children under 5 years old go into our Pre-school and Reception classes. The Reception year group, follow a different curriculum to the rest of the school known as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The rest of the school, that is, year groups 1 through to 6 follow the National Curriculum. The 3 ‘core’ subjects are English, Maths and Science and there are 8 ‘foundation’ subjects which we teach through a topic based approach called 'Irresistible Learning'.

We are also in the process of introducing modern foreign languages into our Curriculum for children in  Key Stage 2. 

We aim to make learning difficult to resist. Our curriculum is about providing children with excitement for and inspiration to learn. We build learning experiences which excite, inspire and challenge pupils. Each term we have a whole school topic. This approach enables a sense of purpose which is deepened by participation and contribution from all children. First hand experiences are at the heart and children lead the journey, which always culminates in an event which shares our learning with the parents.