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National Curriculum
CORE Subjects

The Core subjects in the Curriculum are English, Maths and Science

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English teaching covers speaking, listening, reading and writing and is mainly taught through the daily Literacy Hour. I addition to this, we also deliver intensive half hour sessions which focus on basic skills such as Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Opportunities for learning in all these areas are used throughout the child’s school life. The children read on a regular basis during group reading sessions to assist with developing language and reading skills. All pupils are expected to read at home.

Phonics and early reading is taught and delivered through a programme called Read Write Inc. This is a very easy, systematic and lively method of teaching phonics, reading and writing to young children.

Parental involvement in children’s reading development is valued and we provide Parent classes in the use of this scheme. This is then followed up as we welcome parents into school to observe phonic lessons taking place. 



The school uses the now well-established National Numeracy Strategy. which takes a strong mental and oral approach to teaching the Mathematics National Curriculum.  It is highly structured in content and delivery and places an emphasis on whole class teaching.  Practical activity to develop understanding is important and at every level children are expected to apply mathematics in real situations.  Much investigative work is planned alongside the acquisition of basic skills.  Developing good mathematical language is a vital aspect of all our work.  Parents are encouraged to assist children with learning in some areas such as number bonds and multiplication tables, which need regular practice.

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We place a strong emphasis on the practical activities.

Science is taught to every year group and we consider the age of the pupiles we are teaching and cover the subect as far as we can as a topic because of its application to everyday life. Depending on the topic, we may teach our pupils as a block or in one hour session over the week.


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Please click on the image to access our Curriculum Overview document.

The statutory requirements for the core subjects are the first three sections of each year group.








Please click on the image to access our Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Appendix.

It details the content that is introduced to each year group, following the statutory requirements.





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Please click on the image to access our Spelling Appendix.

It details the statutory requirements for each year group.






Please click on the image to access the Medium Term Planning for Literacy.

This planning details the learning journey for the children in Years 1-6 during the Summer Term 2015.





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Please click on the image to access the Planning for Maths.

This planning details the learning journey for the children in Years 1-6 across the 2014-2015 academic year.